Wollundry Grove Olives, Wagga Wagga

Joo-Yee and her husband Bruce have mastered the art of olives, producing the finest oils and table olives with their own hands and lots of love. Stroll through the 2,000 tree strong grove, roll the olives between your fingers, knowing they’ll be crafted into high-quality finished products on the premise when the next harvest comes.

Ginger, chili or mandarin-marinated table olives are a few of the unexpected varieties produced on-site at Wollundry. Hand picked and aged between eight and 15 months, the black Manzanillo is a superb eating olive known for its fresh flavour and generous pulp.

Discover a complexity and nuance of flavours you only thought possible in wine with an extra virgin olive oil tasting. The knowledgeable and approachable Joo-Yee will take you through the subtleties of different blends, processes and flavours with surprising results on the palate – everything from bananas, to apples, cut grass and green tomatoes.

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15 Mary Gilmore Rd Brucedale

02 6924 6494

Open Daily: 11am-4pm (preferably by appointment)

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