The Shed On The Lachlan, Hillston

In 2010, Bruna Crowe had settled into her dream property on the Lachlan River in Hillston but couldn’t decide what to do with the shed on her land. Bruna opted to renovate the inside, converting the shed into a cafe that offers simple, fresh and delicious homemade meals.

The Shed and its beautiful view of the nature reserve and river has become a popular destination for travellers and locals. Bruna and her team specialise in burgers, scotch fillets, grilled and battered fish,fish & chips, hot dogs, sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, scones, cakes and cookies. They have also carried on the old milk bar tradition of milk and thick shakes in addition to the thirst-quenching spiders and iced coffees. Bruna had envisaged a quieter life when she came upon the Lachlan, never imagining she’d be busy operating a cafe. But she wouldn’t have it any other way as she is enriched by the people she meets from all walks of life.

At the end of the day, tranquility can be found when she goes home, reminding Bruna she has the best of both worlds.

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115 High Street Hillston

(02) 6967 1222
0418 663 771

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