The Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery, Lockhart

Now in its eighth successive year, the Spirit of the Land Festival is a unique, dynamic festival showcasing farm art sculptures created from recycled metal, farm materials and elements of the land.

Open all year ’round, and a feature of Lockhart’s Spirit of the Land Festival, is a unique agritourism experience known as the Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery. The Gallery showcases the craft and patience of a rare kind of talent. On display in the renowned Greens Gunyah Museum in Lockhart, the art works feature landscapes and portraits created using hundreds of types of natural and coloured wool.

Doris Golder is a renowned local artist whose rural paint box consists of one of Lockhart Shire’s most historical and important resources – wool. Washed, combed and undyed, Doris has been using naturally coloured wool to create an amazing array of landscapes and portraits since the early 1980s. From Slim Dusty and Greg Norman to Bob Hawke, Tim Fischer and many more famous faces, Doris has captured their very essence by using this unique and highly skilled medium. Patience was a very important factor in creating these art works, where Doris may have spent all day putting wrinkles on a face. Each portrait took approximately three months to complete, not working on them full time. Doris spent over 14 years successfully creating these rare pieces of art, during which time over 30 portraits were completed.

The portraits and pictures created by Doris continue to enthrall and amaze visitors and locals alike.

Check out the YouTube video here and the Spring edition of the Inside the Riverina magazine here

Greens Gunyah Museum
45 Urana St Lockhart

(02) 6920 5674 (Wed-Sun)

The gallery is open all-year-round
Wed – Sun 9.30am-4.30pm

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