Sandhills Artefacts, Narrandera

For three decades, Wiradjuri Elder Michael Lyons’ handcrafting and artistic skills have produced beautiful pieces of Aboriginal tools and art for the must-see Sandhills Artefacts gallery in Narrandera.

Michael is renowned for crafting didgeridoos out of traditional termite hollowed Mallee, and Black Wattle to make boomerangs. He hand paints each item with his signature and award-wining intricate Wiradjuri artistry. In addition to didgeridoos and boomerangs, Sandhills also offers a complete range of Michael’s handcrafted Wiradjuri artefacts, including coolamons, dilly bags, woomeras, emu callers, clap sticks, bullroarers, nulla nullas, digging sticks, spears and shields, carved emu eggs and hand-carved burls.

Michael’s artistic gifts – learned at the hands of his father and grandfather – are admired by many and has led to his range of hand-made Wiradjuri artefacts being highly sought after by individuals, educational institutions, businesses, and private collectors. He also creates customized kits of artefacts to suit customer requirements.

Michael makes regular presentations about the Wiradjuri culture at local schools and was invited to participate in the Niort Tourism Festival in France, in April 2013, to discuss and demonstrate Wiradjuri culture. The presentation included artwork, bush tucker, storytelling, artefacts and playing the didgeridoo. Visit Sandhills Artefacts in Narrandera or online at

Check out the YouTube video here and the Winter 2015 edition of the Inside the Riverina magazine here.

16 Bamblett St Narrandera

0416 704 127

Open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

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