Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece, Gundagai

Frank Rusconi has notable polished marble works in Westminster Abbey and The Powerhouse Museum, but it’s his most meticulous of works ‘Rusconi’s Monumental Masterpiece’ you’ll find on display in Gundagai.

Having learned the marble craft as a teenage apprentice in Italy, Rusconi settled in Gundagai where he set up his monumental masonry business. It is here that Rusconi carved many distinguished civic and funerary monumental works, which still survive in and around Gundagai.

With a connection to the discovery and collection of marble in sites across New South Wales, Rusconi wanted to showcase to those who might not realise that Australia does possess marble worthy of its place among the world’s best.

The masterpiece of nearly 21,000 pieces is a magnificent example of meticulous accuracy. No plans of any kind were used during the whole period of construction. Each section was finished then put away, not to be assembled until completion of the whole work.

Accompanied by an audio story-teller, this is a truly awesome experience that surely needs to be seen to be believed.

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Gundagai Visitor Information Centre, 249 Sheridan St Gundagai

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