Riverina Squabs, Junee

Ask most Riverina locals what a squab is and you might be faced with a quizzical look, but that hasn’t stopped local Junee resident, Peter Hanlon, from recognising an opportunity in a fast growing market.

Peter established Riverina Squab in 2007 with the construction of a single shed. Today, Riverina Squab employs five staff and houses some 4,500 pigeons with big plans to increase operations ever further in the coming year. Their offering is somewhat different from other squab farmers across the country as they manage the product end-to-end. They breed and process the squab on the farm in Junee ensuring all produce is as fresh as it can possibly be. This vertical integration is unparalleled in what is a niche market in Australia.

Considered a culinary delicacy, a squab is a young domestic pigeon raised for its dark meat. Although not a staple for most Australians, the market for squab continues to increase in the Middle East and Asia. Check out the Spring edition of the Inside the Riverina magazine here

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