Redbelly Citrus, Griffith

Picture yourself standing in Sicily, Italy. The climate is perfect, the rich and versatile soils are underfoot and you are amongst some of the best blood orange growing conditions in the world. Whilst Sicily may be the sacred home of the blood orange, the Mancini family encourages you to look no further than Griffith for some of the best blood oranges this side of Mount Etna.

The Mancini family first established Redbelly Citrus (Blood Oranges) in Griffith over 20 years ago. Grandparents Vito Leonardo and Domenica Mancini along with Giuseppe and Lucia Barbagallo made the long journey to establish their family in the perfect blood orange growing Riverina region. With them, they brought farming practices handed down from generation to generation.

The family has always had a passion for tending and growing their own produce, and experimenting with flavours and textures to create specialised products. Their colours are inspirational and deep and the quality and taste really does transport you back you Italy.

Keep your eye out for a number of accompaniments including Redbelly Blood Orange syrups, marmalades and juices. The Mancini family is working on a new range of products using the blood oranges which will surely delight the most demanding of palates. All products are available from their farm – visitors are most welcome. Check out the Spring edition of the Inside the Riverina magazine here

1817 Mallinson Rd Lake Wyangan

(02) 6964 3288

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