Pacific Fresh –  Sumo Citrus, Leeton

When you combine the expertise and passion of eight individual growers with native and international orange breeds, and the temperate Riverina climate, you get citrus worth bragging about.

Established in 1993, the idea behind Pacific Fresh-Sumo Citrus was driven by local citrus growers wanting to expand their business, experiment with breeds and new varieties, cut back on manufacturing costs and invest in the local economy.  They grow everything citrus – from grapefruits to mandarins, lemons and, of course, oranges.

With demand increasing year-on-year both domestically and offshore for Pacific Fresh’s premium produce, it’s no surprise that growers are expanding their lands in Leeton (and making sure that the locals receive the first pick of the crops). This includes one of the latest and most popular breeds, ‘Sumo Mandarins,’ which came about through a strategic business partnership with US brand, Sumo Citrus. Taking a decade to receive just two Sumo fruit trees, followed by the tedious task of duplicating and testing, the variety has finally hit the Australian shelves. And word has it they are sweeter, seedless and easier to peel – which definitely makes up for their slightly warped appearance!

A visit to the main orchard is a must to truly appreciate the hard work and time that goes into delivering the plenitude of varieties and witness firsthand where these delicious fruits are born and raised.

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Yanco Rd Leeton

(02) 6955 7117 

Tours by appointment

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