King Bee Honey, Narrandera

Second-generation apiarist, David Mumford began his fascination with bees at the age of six, eventually joining his father in his Narrandera based bee-keeping business. Together they pioneered commercial pollination in the Riverina Murrumbidgee area.

In 1973, the Mumford family began honey production, launching the brand King Bee Honey six years later. Today they manage over 450 hives that annually produce 60,000kg of the much sought after decadent honey, with the remaining beeswax sold to candle makers. The bees feed on the nectar of a range of Eucalypts found in the region including mallee, redgum, stringybark citrus and ground flora, giving King Bee Honey a lush and distinct Aussie flavour.

The Mumford family are passionate about the sustainability of the beekeeping industry and fostering the art of true beekeeping, considering around ninety percent of the world’s nutrition is pollinated by bees. And while honey is now their main business, David continues to head to Robinvale in Victoria for the annual almond pollination, joining 110,000 other hives.

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