John Lake Centre, Narrandera

Located just outside of the heart of Narrandera, the John Lake Centre freshwater aquarium is uniting conservational aims with educational attributes. Providing an insight to the many freshwater species living in the Murray-Darling waterways, the aquarium presents more than just a view for visitors – it offers a path for the future of sustaining our river systems.

Established in 1985, with an overarching purpose to help preserve the natural river systems, the centre now runs a full-time research facility with over 30 projects occurring at any given time. The ongoing issues of eradicating introduced species and restoration of endangered fish types has seen the construction of around 40 earth ponds designed to breed and raise native fingerlings (baby fish) onsite, with more than one million hatchlings each year including Trout cod, Murray cod and silver and golden perch.

Tours of the aquarium allow visitors to interact with baby turtles and feed the fish by hand, as well educating visitors about the environment and the health of our freshwater native wildlife. With beautiful surrounding lawn areas, visitors are invited to utilise the free BBQ facilities on offer following a tour of the centre.
The centre is open on weekdays and runs five tours daily: 9am, 10.30, 11.30, 1.30 and 2.30pm. Pre-booking is required for large groups. Special events operate during school holidays. Check the website for more information.

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70 Buckingbong Rd, Narrandera

(02) 6958 8207

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