Highfield Farm and Woodland, near Gundagai

Ever had the feeling that you’re living in the wrong place? It was this doubt, combined with a love of food, the outdoors and the environment that led Louise Freckelton and David Bray to take the leap from city to country. They purchased 820 acres of critically endangered Box Gum Grassy Woodland that is now their home; Highfield Farm and Woodland.

Passionate about utilising the land while maintaining the integrity of the Woodland, the couple decided to combine small-scale, ethical and sustainable farming of Dorper Sheep and Dexter cattle. Farming only one-third of the property the Highfields have preserved the remaining two-thirds for the Box Gum Grassy Woodland – a habitat that sustains many vulnerable and endangered species including 150 different birds.

Selling direct to regional farmer markets in the Riverina, Highfield Farm Lamb is much sought-after and testament to David and Louise’s passion for maintaining diversity through conservation and the benefits this has for farming.

“People want to know where their food is coming from. Our sheep and cattle are not only sustainably farmed but are a meat breed rather than cross breed. The difference in taste and texture of the lamb is incredible”, explained Louise.

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Off the Snowy Mountains Hwy between Gundagai and Adelong

0429 985 222


Produce available at Regional Farmer Markets
Tours of the Woodland and Autumn Bird watching by appointment only


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