Catania Fruit Salad Farm, Griffith

The quaintly named Catania Fruit Salad Farm is an informative and tasty way to spend an afternoon. Armed with 100 years of history, Joe and Sharon Maugeri will share the story of Percy Cox’s original ‘Farm #43’ and how, thanks to the ingenious Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, it has managed to thrive in a region that averages only 16 inches of rain each year.

The tour starts at the old farmhouse and shed that look frozen back in 1925, and then moves through the groves of blood oranges, prunes, and grapes. Packed with interesting tidbits, Sharon’s had lots of practice honing her pitch since she first began showing curious visitors around while pushing her newborn’s pram.

End your visit with a wonderful sampling of fruits, preserves, wines and nuts, all featuring produce grown at the farm – including their specialty, sugarplums. Also know as prunes, by the time you leave Catania you’ll have a much better appreciation for the delicate taste and astounding health benefits of this unfairly maligned and ancient fruit.

Check out the YouTube video here and the Spring edition of the Insider’s Guide magazine here.

Farm 43 Cox Road Hanwood

0427 630 219

Tours Daily: 1:30pm

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