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Barellan Beer is a brewing company with a difference, producing beer of ‘single origin’ that contains malt only from Barellan farmers, and is not-for-profit community owned. It all began in 2014 when local Stuart Whytcross, a keen hobby brewer and craft beer enthusiast, had the ingenious idea to turn the faceless commodity of the premium locally grown Barellan barley into beer.

Stuart approached the Barellan community, who wasted no time jumping on board with a successful crowd funding campaign and donations of goods and services. Then they got their hands dirty with brewing the initial batches, recipe tasting nights, choosing labels and of course supplying the precious malt barley.

The first batch of 3.9% Golden Ale was launched to the public in October 2014, selling out in the first weekend. It’s easy to understand why. The approachable, easy drinking golden ale is lightly hopped to complement the honey like malt character from the fresh locally grown clean malt. It’s then balanced with citrus/pine hop flavours and aroma. Some describe it as the perfect session beer.

Barellan Beer is available in beer and draught form. However, you will only ever find the beer available in draught form at the source, in Barellan or close by

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Available at the Barellan and District Memorial Club

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