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As we get set for a scorching summer, more Australians than ever are turning to cider as a refreshing way to combat the parch.
Produced by the Yenda-based Australian Beer Company, Pressman’s Cider heroes the crisp flavours of Australian apples.

“We’re dedicated to celebrating the provenance and flavours of Australian produce,” explains Australian Beer Company’s Derek O’Donnell. Thanks to its use of 100 per cent Australian apples, the success of Pressman’s is also helping to build local food supply chains which, in the long-run, helps support local farmers.

Available in Original and a lower strength Mid, Pressman’s is a fresh, light and crisp cider that’s perfect served over ice. Recent accolades include two silver medals at the 2015 International Cider Awards in the United Kingdom (the only Australian cider to receive recognition) and three medals from three entries at the Australian Cider Awards. To find your local Pressman’s Cider stockist, check out the Stockist Finder on the Pressman’s Cider Facebook page.

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Named after the rustic and humble Riverina town in which it’s brewed, the Yenda craft beer range has been earning wide recognition and a loyal following since its introduction to the market last year.

Yenda is garnering an excellent reputation as a flavoursome and authentic newcomer to Australia’s $7 billion beer and cider industry, much to the delight of the company that brews it, Australian Beer Company; a joint venture between Casella Family Brands and Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd.

The brewing trio of Andy Mitchell, Robert Gargan and Greg Short produce the craft beer, sourcing barley from local growers to create the five flavour styles, including Hell (an unfiltered Helles lager). The Yenda core range and seasonal variants has collected a series of medals from the Inaugural CBIA Craft Beer Awards and the Australian International Beer Awards.

Australian Beer Company’s General Manager Derek O’Donnell is delighted by the recognition. “The honour for us is achieving recognition among so many other accomplished craft brewers,” Derek said.

People will notice the innovative packaging contains education on the various beer styles the company has brought to life.

Riverina Barley Grower ~ Justin Badoco

This time of year, Riverina farmers like Justin Badoco are closely monitoring their barley crops as they wait for harvest. Justin manages nearly 2,200 hectares of dry, irrigated and grazing land in the Yenda-Binya area for Casella Family Brands. He is preparing to harvest 160 hectares of barley, starting December, to be used for the Yenda craft beer range made by Australian Beer Company, a joint venture between Casella and Coca Cola Amatil Ltd. To make the cut, his barley’s protein levels need to test between 9-12%, with 10.5% being ideal.

Justin also grows canola, oats and summer crops including sorghum and Lucerne, under lateral and centre pivot sprinklers. He also runs a large number of Dorper sheep. In his 18 years of farming, experience has taught Justin that success is a combination of good management, planning, and a touch of luck. Having sewn his barley in May, Justin is now waiting for a solid rain fall or two, and some of that good luck!

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