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Farmers around the world turn to John Collins of Leeton-based Agricultural Tours Riverina (ATR) to connect them to Riverina region farming and agriculture experts.

For over 100 years, local farming communities have developed techniques for growing, processing and marketing food and fibre. Also, they have innovated processes for moving fresh product to domestic and international markets, for managing water and biosecurity, breeding bespoke varieties, and adapting to climate variables as well as to a whole range of changing financial instruments and government policies. This makes the Riverina a logical source of expertise and knowledge and John and his associates are passionate about making the connection to global citizens.

In recent months John hosted Japanese vegetables and rice growers, Brazilian farmers interested in learning more about growing soy beans and maize, South African nut growers, and Canadian beef farmers. He is preparing to host group from the Republic of Belarus to meet industry leaders in the agricultural machinery business.

While much of what people want to see can be exhibited in the Riverina, ATR tours extend to other agricultural regions and capital cities. Whether it’s a sole visitor or group of 50, a half-day quick stop or week-long stay, John can design customised agricultural tours to meet the needs of customers.

Check out the YouTube video here and the Winter 2015 edition of the Inside the Riverina magazine here.

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